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Logan Douglas

Meet Logan

I'm a self-taught Product Designer showcasing outstanding accomplishments in product design and user experience. I have a proven track record of designing and delivering inventive end-to-end experiences from concept to production in collaboration with cross-functional teams. I'm known for leveraging extensive research, usability tests, and metrics to strategically inform design decisions. An out-of-the-box thinker committed to resolving complex customer issues by synthesizing multiple data sources such as metrics, user research insights, and customer feedback. .

My goal is to understand user behavior and motivations through visualization. I excel in diverse and collaborative settings, valuing a range of perspectives that bridge the gap between users and business objectives.

My Clients

I've developed gorgeous, and memorable experiences for my clients.

Amazon May 2021- May 2023

I spearheaded the design efforts for a groundbreaking research insights library experience that successfully catered to the needs of a substantial user base, including designers, researchers, product managers, and CX leaders.

Total Brain August 2020- May 2021

I established and launched a standardized design system to enhance the customer experience, ensuring consistency, familiarity, and accessibility across all touchpoints. I also, directed the go-to-market strategy and design implementation of the Neurosnooze feature, resulting in a 40% increase in user retention.